How to Start a Twitter Conversation with Your Future and Present Guests

Thu, Apr 23, 2021

There's a reason why social media is consistently touted as a tool for businesses: Because it's the perfect way to build and maintain relationships with current and future customers. Twitter is one of the more popular platforms for this - but unless you know how to start a Twitter conversation with followers, you may be at a loss for exactly how to tap into its power. No worries, though, since starting a Twitter conversation is much easier than you might think.

All social media interaction boils down to one factor: Connection. Some brands make the mistake of pummeling their followers with information about themselves - their sales, their products, their announcements. And these are the brands without much interaction or success resulting from their efforts. After all, nobody wants to be talked at - we want to be spoken to.

Instead, ask your followers questions about themselves, and don't frame every question in relation to your business. Ask for opinions on current events. Share a funny picture and ask your followers to create a caption. Ask for advice. This encourages engagement and sends the message to your followers that you value their thoughts and opinions.

Every once in a while, pepper your normal updates with questions to current customers or anyone familiar with your business. Ask them which of your products is their favorite, or to tell you their favorite part of the last time they visited you. Tailor these questions to your business, of course - the key is to get current fans talking. Retweet the most favorable replies you receive to ensure that all of your followers will be exposed to them. This will entice prospective customers to learn more about your brand.

No matter who you're looking to reach, one tip applies: Reply to every comment. This means that whenever somebody answers a question or leaves a comment, you must reply - even if it's only to acknowledge the fact that they took the time to engage with you. After all, why start a Twitter conversation to only drop the ball and ignore replies? Too many brands make this mistake, and eventually followers get wise and stop engaging entirely.

No matter how you start a Twitter conversation, the key is to just get started and interact with followers as you would with friends. Eventually they'll come to see you as a trusted resource - and they'll reward you with their patronage.

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